Choosing & Caring for your Christmas Tree

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Rootballed Christmas Trees

Rootballed Christmas Trees are usually freshly dug from the field on the day of purchase. If you are looking to plant the tree after Christmas then we highly recommend not using the tree indoors as this will greatly reduce the chance of transplanting the tree successfully. If you are looking for a tree that is going to If you wish to have a tree indoors to plant after christmas then we would recommend a potted tree. 

Immediately upon receiving your tree, remove the packaging but leave the root wrap in tact. Store the tree upright as possible in a cool building (garden shed or garage), ensuring that the rootball is protected from the floor by a piece of plastic or similar (to stop moisture being drained from the roots) and give the rootball a pint of water poured over the top of the rootball and spray the foliage with water daily. If you are going to be using the tree indoors aim to keep the tree in a cool building for as long as possible, taking it inside just before Christmas. 

Before taking the tree into the house, check the pot/bucket/half barrel etc will easily contain the Christmas tree roots. Choose the coolest room in the house if possible (hallway etc), away from open fires and direct sources of heat (radiators etc). Put the pot or bucket in position about 60cm away from the wall on a tray or piece of polythene. Put a layer of garden soil in the bottom of the pot and place the Christmas tree such that it sits properly on the soil. Have another bucket of soil ready to place round the roots to stabilise the tree, Do not use sand or peat as often it is not heavy enough to make the tree stable. Firm the soil down, step back to make sure the tree is upright and top up with more soil. The bigger the pot, the more stable the tree will be. Give the rootball approximately one pint of water a day unless it becomes waterlogged (varies depending on house temperature) and ideally spray the needles carefully with water every day (take care to avoid the lights!).
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