Choosing The Right Ink Pens For Drawing

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Why Choosing The Right Ink Pen For Drawing Matters

Ink pens are extremely important for you as an Artist and you need to make the right decision as it could affect the quality of your artwork and also the lasting permanence of your work is the most important factor when selecting the pens you need.

Basic pens such as gel and ball point pens shouldn't be overlooked for quick artwork or sketches, but professional pens should have archival ink that is smudge free or waterproof, so that you could progress with colour later on with other mediums.

Additionally, you need a set of pens that are going to have various size fibre tips that are going to produce various line weights in an inked drawing, because mixing and matching various line qualities together in an illustration really helps bring something amazing to a potential masterpiece.

Ideally, you need a range of different ones, such as brush tip, fine line, chisel tip or calligraphy, so that you can use them for different purposes either for adding thicker lines or cross hatching which adds shading on your work right through to hand lettered work.

Your imagination is not only limited to the use of your tools, once you have good quality Artist pens you are able to practice through trial and error with the best equipment for the job. When you have mastered inking as an art form, combining this with other techniques really broadens your approach within the art industry. You'll find that there are many pens to choose from, so make your choice wisely and make sure they work for you and your creations.
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