Choosing a Bed Frame for Your Double Bed

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Choosing a Bed Frame for Your Double Bed

Bed frames are the foundation of every bed’s setup, so it’s important to make sure you have the right one to supplement your mattress. The frame provides crucial support and brings the level of the bed to a comfortable height. However, support is far from the only attribute that a bed frame supplies. They can be a fantastic piece of design, especially when they include headboards,, footboards and canopies.. They have the ability to bring a room together and add a distinctive touch of style to a bedroom.

Selecting the right bed frame for your mattress is important, but before logging on to eBay, shoppers should know what they require. Deciding on suitability, design and features is all part of the process. eBay and this guide will assist shoppers in finding the right double bed frame for their needs.

Bed Size

Beds are no small item, neither in size or monetary value. Many modern homes have smaller bedrooms than those that were built in the pre-war era. If purchasing a double bed frame know the amount of space that you have to work with and where you plan on positioning it. The following are the measurements of mattresses that are suitable for two people:





76” (W)

80” (L)


60” (W)

80” (L)


54” (W)

75” (L)

The intended room should be mapped out in blueprint form; this is a useful method for when searching for beds on eBay. If shoppers are looking to add headboards< and other accessories they should bear in mind that extra space will be required. No matter the size of frame required, eBay has affordable options for all, sellers will be happy to help buyers should they require more information on double bed frame sizes.

Types of Bed

When looking for a new bed frame its style and design are important elements to consider. The first thing shoppers should do is decide on the shape of frame that suits their requirements.




The premiere choice for those with manoeuvrability in mind. Considered the least expensive but also the least sturdy. The frame is based on caster wheels and comes in two parts.

Canopy/Four Post

The largest forms of double bed frame and classic in terms of design. Consists of four tall posts that support both the frame and canopy.


Storage is considered the biggest positive of owning a captain's bed frame.. They feature drawers underneath that can be a real space saver.


Mission bed frames are those that come with either a headboard or footboard affixed. The bed frame also features wooden slaps that give it a basic yet sturdy stature.


Platform bed frames are lower to the ground and modern in look. It has been touted as a “love or hate” concept as some simply can’t adapt to the height of the frame.


Designed with elegance in mind, features hand crafted headboards and footboards that resemble a sleigh.  Often built out of solid and heavy wood yet metal models can also be found from time to time.

Bed frames can range from £50 to £5000. However, basic models come are usually priced at affordable base prices. Shoppers should bear in mind that items such a headboards and footboards will add to the price of a bed tenfold in certain circumstances. The best advice, if one has an interest in adding such items to a frame, is to do so after the initial purchase. Acquiring additional pieces separately allows for more versatility with a budget, even though there is a small risk that such extras will no longer be available later on.


The basis of a design is the material used, and there are plenty of options to choose from on eBay. Some older forms of material (including brass and iron) are quite hard to find and have been replaced by cheaper alternatives, such as:




Wooden bed frames are the most common form available. Their quality ranges from average to supreme. When buying a wooden bed frame always consider its weight, as solid oak is known to be extremely heavy.


Metal bed frames have slowly become the cheaper alternative to wood. They are light and can be moved easily. However their durability is often called into question.


Brass bed frames were originally known for being simplistic. In recent times, designers have adapted this classic material into intricate bed frame designs. Classic in both stature and quality, expect to pay a high premium for a bed frame of this type.


Developed in the 17th century, iron bed frames are considered the crème de le crème of bed frame construction. Using hand poured molds, such frames are heavy and can take days to craft.


Of all the items in a home, the bed frame is without doubt one of the most important, and in this age of property rentals, a bed frame is required to be movable. Before purchasing, measure the door frames of the house and be sure that a bed can fit through them, preferably with ease. If living in a small home or moving between properties regularly, it is best to buy frames, headboards and footboards that can be deconstructed.


Bed frames range from the affordable to the exorbitant depending on size, design and material. The rule of thumb is that the larger and more detailed the frame, the higher the base price. Always stick to a budget within your means and do not waiver.

Buying Used

eBay has become a great resource for home furnishings, and bed frames are no exception to this. With the site’s popularity booming, buying a used double bed frame from eBay is certainly an option. However, buying a used bed frame from any retailer is not without its pitfalls. In order to be sure that you purchase a high quality unit at a fair price, talk to sellers and gain a full understanding of the item for sale. These are a few questions that can help distinguish a quality used unit from one that is destined for the nearest rubbish tip.

  • How old is the double bed frame?
  • Has it been previously disassembled? If so, how often?
  • What is the condition of the frame? Are there any dents or scratches?
  • Does it come with either a headboard or a footboard?
  • Was it purchased used or is it new?
  • Is it still under either store or manufacturer warranty?

eBay shoppers need to be smart and savvy when entering the market for items such as bed frames. It is usually a long-term investment so shoppers should be sure that what they are buying will give them years of use, with little to no issue.


This guide has been created to help shoppers find the perfect bed frame to suit their home. It is obvious that buyers can shop more effectively with knowledge of the product.

Using this guide will help a buyer know what to look for and where it will be. Bed frames are crucial to home living and the right one can last decades. They are a long-term purchase and by using eBay, shoppers can find one that will give them years of enjoyment.

The orthopedic aspects of having the right bed frame are unparalleled but that isn’t their only attribute. A bed frame can be the centerpiece of a bedroom and the amount of designs to choose from is endless. No matter the style or shape in mind, buyers will be sure to find it and more on eBay, the world’s leading auction site.

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