Choosing a Contact Lens Case

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Choosing a Contact Lens Case

With so many different styles of contact lens cases out there, it can be difficult to make the right choice of contact lens storage!

Blue and White Screw-Top Contact Lens CaseWe've put a guide together to help you make sure that you choose the right type of contact lens case.

The type of contact lens case that you should use depends on the type of contact lenses that you wear. Some cases are only suitable for soft lenses and others are only suitable for hard or RGP lenses.
The most popular categories of contact lens cases are screw-top, flip-top, barrel and travel. Within each category are various different styles, shapes, sizes and colours.

Screw-top contact lens cases are also known as flat or side-by-side cases and are the most popular type of case. They are very versatile and are suitable for all types of contact lenses. They often have shallow wells to help minimise the amount of solution used and are usually leak-proof.Pink Flip-Top Contact Lens Storage

There are many different types of screw-top, such as 3D Bumble Bee, Ladybird or Frog, and more conventional designs.
Flip-top cases are less widely available and tend to have one standard design. They are suitable for both soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP) or hard lenses, but are mainly recommended for RGP/hard lenses. The lids lift up so are especially suitable for people who have difficulty un-screwing the lids on screw-top cases, and the lids only lift in one directionFun in The Sun Barrel Contact Lens Case, making it harder to mix up the left and right contact lens.

There are two main types of barrel contact lens cases - standard and opticase. Standard barrel cases are much easier to find and are only suitable for soft lenses. They should not be used for hard/rgp lenses as they can cause them to become cracked or damaged.

Standard barrel cases can contain catalytic discs, which, when used with a peroxide contact lens solution, neutralise the solution and clean your lenses in the process. It is very important that peroxide cleaning solutions are only used in conjuction with a barrel case with catalytic disc. Peroxide solutions should not be used with cases that do not have the disc.
Opticase barrel cases are only suitable for hard/rgp lenses and have rubber pincers to hold the lens in place and allow solution to move freely around the lens. This is very important for hard/rgp lenses as it allows them to be properly soaked in conditioning or multi-purpose solution prior to use, making them more comfortable to wear.

Travel contact lens cases are a convenient way of keeping your contact lens essentials in one place, and are great for travelling. Contents will vary between cases, but they generally contain a mirror, screw-top contact lens case, tweezers and solution bottle(s) that can be filled with a solution of your choice.

Styles and shapes vary, and there is plenty of choice.
They are many different styles of each type of case out there, and so it is important that you choose the right one for your lenses.

With such a vast array of shapes, styles and colours, there is bound to be one to suit your mood!

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