Choosing a Digital Delivery Shopping Cart

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Of course ecommerce shopping carts have different features, advantages and disadvantages this guide is intended to draw your attention to a specific SEO problem with some shopping carts.

Are you intending to sell digital goods through your own website?

Then make sure you choose the right digital delivery store from the start. There is a digital delivery store named e-book store (or similar) sold on eBay and on the Internet. It has a problem with the Description Tag, which is important for search engine optimisation. Before buying a digital delivery store it is a good idea to check how search engines (such as google) will see the pages of the site. Luckily most sellers provide a live demo of the store they are selling.

To check how search engines will see the pages, if you are using Microsoft Explorer, click on ‘View’ and choose ‘Source’. Then look at the description and keywords tags between the <head> and </head>. Especially check the product page to make sure the description tag exits and does not contain the whole product description, as in the named ebook store. The description tag must not contain more than 250 characters. The keyword tag is not as important but should not exceed 500 characters. If after you click on ‘Source’ the source page does not open you can refresh the page and try again. Some sellers have avoided this tag problem by writing a short content but this may still lead to poor description relevancy to the page content. So, to recognise the problem always check a product page with long description/content. The Description Tag should look like this:
<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="description goes here">

If you already bought a store that has a description tag problem and you think it's affecting your pages' rank, it's not the end of the world. You can modify the description tag in the product page or ask a web designer to modify it for you.
The original oscommerce store does not have this problem.

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