Choosing a Niche Topic for your website

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So you need an idea for what your website will be about, what will the topic be? Good question, first off you will need a little time to put in some research, come up with a few different ideas and research these ideas and test out the different results.

Some ideas for niche topics:

An ecommerce shop for a particular range of products?
An online community for people in specific towns or areas?
A social site for a specific interest or hobby?
A membership site for an ethnic minority or club?

When you have a few ideas written down search the web and see if you can find other websites with the same (or very similar) niche topic. If you find a niche that does not exist then either you have hit a potential gold mine or it's just likely no market exists for your chosen niche.

Find a website niche you are interested in!

It's much easier to write about something you are interested in than something your not, also people are more likely to know more information about a topic they are interested in than a topic they have no interest in what so ever. So always try to choose a website niche topic for your website which you are interested in.

Always be passionate about your business so use a niche to suit YOU.

Plan for choosing a niche topic:

Write down your skill set
Write down your hobbies
Write down your interests

A skill is something you can do, like creating music or crafting sculptures from ice. Hobbies are things you do for fun, like gardening or playing in a band. An interest can be similar to a hobby but you don't actually do it. Write all this information down and then look at your results and pick one you think you could base your website on.

Now do a bit of research on the topic you chose, what is already out there on this topic? Is there much competition, decide is it worth moving forward? When you have a niche topic you can start planning your content.

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