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Hi my name is Tom from Box Limited we run two eBay Stores selling Computers and IT accessories etc. One of the stores is projectorplanet. I thought we would try to give some pointers and answers to common questions we get asked in a guide / review and found this feature in eBay so here we go.

When looking at a standard home cinema projector so looking at projectors up the region of £699 Inc Vat there is a few key factors you will need to think about.

  • The standard Home Cinema Series units from Acer, Benq, Viewsonic and Optoma as standard have a fixed lense throw ratio. So basically the only way to adjust the picture size is by moving the projector closer and further back, most poeple dont realise this. Typical standard unit such as the Optoma HD600X-LV from 3m away you will get a 84" daigonal screen size.
  • Sound is very important in Home Projection as you are typically using it to watch DVD's and play Games, Projectors are for the pictures but you will require a separate Home Cinema Surround System to complete the prefect setup.
  • Screens are a recommended option to give that final crisp picture quality that we all hope you and you need to make sure you buy the correct size Screen and also the same Aspect Ratio so usually a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio for Films not 4:3 ratio
  • 3D - 3D ready doesnt mean out the box it will work as a 3D projector it means it will support it for mayb education / PC's and/or Home Cinema there is only 2-3 options currently on the market that have 3D adapters builtin that you just need to purchase glasses with and they are the Optoma GT750 and the HD300 and from Acer H5360BD unit

We are looking to write a number of these little guides and tips and hope this has helped you in your quest to get that 80 Plus screen in your home.



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