Choosing a Reading that is Right for You

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The Purpose of a Reading

Readings are often seen as just a bit of entertainment and Tarot parties are becoming more and more popular. There is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a good reading however they are also an excellent tool for analysis, especially if we are too close to a situation ourselves.

More often than not, a reader will only tell us what we already know, whether consciously or unconsciously, and it is this confirmation what allows us to move on and deal with what life has dealt us! However, a reading will not always make sense at the time and may seem totally unrelated to us and our situation. From personal experience I have found that even after re-doing a reading two or three times in this case, the information from the cards is the same every time. This is a case of either the readee not being prepared to accept the truth of a situation or that the message from the cards is 'lost in translation'.   

Telling the future is not an exact science and time does not exist in linear fashion in other planes of existence as it does here on Earth. Besides, we live neither in the past or the future we exist only in the present. Our present actions create our future and a reading can identify patterns of behaviour and give us guidance as to what situations we are drawing to ourselves. If we don’t like what we see we can change it. The future is not written in stone and sometimes a good reading is one that doesn’t come true!


Perhaps the best known form of divination they are perfect for looking at many situations at once and in detail. They pull no punches though they are not necessarily as direct as Runes.

Angel Cards

Angel cards are best used for looking at emotional issues and for healing. They are much gentler than Tarot cards and are always positive in the messages they give.

They are not especially good for looking into the future but are more concerned with the present condition. They give a good overview of a situation and can be used to identify an issue which can then be looked at in more detail using the Tarot.

Crystal Gazing

A very intuitive form of divination, crystal gazing allows for a lot of information to come through in a very fluid way so can need some sorting by the reader to put in a form which can then be understood.

Often the information that comes through is in symbolic form. Though clear quartz is the most common form of crystal used, different crystals can be used for different types of question.

Egyptian Runes 

These always answer that which is in the heart of the questioner, even though it is often not the question asked. If you truly want to get to the heart of the matter, these are a very good tool to chose.


This is perhaps one of the oldest forms of divination yet is rarely used these days. Like crystal gazing, Pyromancy is a very intuitive form of divination.

Choosing a Reader

It is important to use your intuition when choosing a reader. This is not necessarily because one reader is better or worse than the other but simply so that you choose someone who is able to connect to you.

Some readers do not ask for any personal information others do. They ask for this information so that they can ‘connect’ with the person they are reading for. It is about sensing your energies, connecting with your angels or spirit guides so that they can gain information which is relevant to you at this time and for your highest good.

All readers have their own methods. Some read cards literally, others use them as a focusing tool to access higher information and others can tap into the information and do not need to use any form of tool at all (the traditional psychic medium). Some readers focus on telling the future while others try to interpret what they see. Some use ‘pattern breaking’ techniques which look at the possible outcome and then advise who this can be achieved or changed.

None of these methods are better than the other, but it is important you consider these so you can use a reader who is right for you and the type of question you have at this time.



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