Choosing a Special Gift? Try a Personalised Item!

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You want a really special present or gift. You want to show that you put thought into it.

It's so hard to find a really unique gift isn't it?

When Christmas comes around, or other special occasions like Christenings, Weddings etc or you are searching for a really special item to give someone as a reward, or a token of thanks, where do you start?

Why not think about a useful item that has been personalised just for the person you are buying for?

The idea came to me when I was trying to find something my girls would like for "Stocking Presents" for Christmas. Two of them have names that never seem to be on items in the shops. You know the ones, the mugs, badges, bracelets and bedroom door name plaques.

I eventually found someone who personalised hairbrushes and ordered three. They were very sweet, but it occured to me that I was always quite good at Art, had nice handwriting and was probably, given the raw materials, more than capable of producing similar items with my own designs.

With the help of a friend who used to manage a well known chain of stores that sell Hair Accessories (I'm sure you know which one I mean) I was able to source some good quality wooden hairbrushes, and, after much practise and plenty of time spent working on an easily re-producable design or two I hit on just the right mixture.


Since listing on Ebay I have been lucky enough to sell many of these brushes and was asked several times if matching items could be produced. So, I went back to my supplier and found, to my delight, that a matching mirror was available. The Matching Mirror and Brush set was born!

When I say "Any Name Here" I mean it.

I have had many orders from people who have children or friends with unusual names or unusually spelt names.

I have added special dates, like Christening dates or Wedding days.

Some lucky little girls have received these as party favours. (I always give a discount for order of ten or more) How unusual, and much nicer than some of the plastic tat that my children have brought home with them over the years!

My brushes are all HAND PAINTED and each one is absolutely unique because of this.

Would you believe that the brushes are only £4 and the brush and mirror sets £6? They look MUCH more expensive don't they?

You can choose your colours, design, what you want written on the brushes and I aim to have them in the post within 24 hours (Drying time permitted)

Have a look at some of the feedback that I have received for these beautiful items.

Check out my ME page for further information.

Or, if you would like to see the items I have available Check my Listings!


Pencil Boxes (or Hair Accessories, marbles, etc), Jewellery Boxes and Memory Boxes can all be made to your specifications by Special Order


For an extra special present why not combine a Hair Accessories Box and a Brush?

Thanks for reading my Guide. I hope that you found it useful.
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