Choosing a correctly fitting pair of jeans

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Choosing your size?

1/ When choosing to purchase a pair of jeans over the net,  it can become very distressing when…you think you have purchased the correct size, but then you try on your new jeans and to your surprise they don't fit.   Hmmm you think?   
Most people who own jeans may have owned one or more pair for several years before deciding its time for a new pair.   Taking in to consideration that the jeans you own "will" have stretched or contracted to suit your body size as you change.  

2/ Denim in its simplest element was designed to stretch and contract so that the person wearing them will feel comfortable…However there will be a "breaking in period" before the denim mould's to your size and becomes the comfortable pair of jeans you know inside out...

3/ This is why it is tricky when choosing your correct size without first realising that you should remeasure your waist band size before purchasing.  This is because the jeans you own may have contracted or stretched over the period of time you have had them…
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You purchased a pair of jeans from an outlet and let's say that after trying on a couple of pairs you decide to go up or down a notch,  so you were a size waist 34" but now chose a 36" waist.  "hmmm"  i must have gained a few pounds then you purchase those and you have them for a period of time before you want a nice new pair,  but this time you forgot the last time you purchased a pair and changed size's so you refer to the pair you now own as a 36" waist.  Your next port of call is now to look online for your next pair.  This is where most people will make there choice on the previous pair without first remeasuring.   "I must be a 36" because that's what my original pair has on the care label".   Where as...most people may in fact have changed body size again.   

4/ It is extremely important to measure your size before purchasing online.  Retailers will send the size that you order,  it is rare for a retailer online to get your order incorrect.   However if you do order the wrong size and then claim that the item is too small or too large then it is your fault for not checking this first.  Most retailers will accept that you ordered a pair that doesn't fit but its not the retailer who is at fault.  

5/ Ordering an incorrect size and the returning has a massive effect on retail business.  Time, effort, loss in wage, loss in postal cost all have a detrimental effect and this then has a knock on effect on the consumer with higher postage costs.  
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How to measure your size?

1/ Use a tailors tape or if you can't get one then a length of string or rope will suffice.  

2/ Using the tape/ the waist line below the navel or just on the hip itself strap the tape around from front to back and back around until the two ends meet.  " do not pull tight but make sure its not loose ether ".  Mark the string at the point to point contact.  This is your measurement. 

3/ If using string lay out on a table or floor and measure the length in inches.  This will give your correct fitment.  Your now ready to purchase from the net and you can be assured that you will receive your correct fitment.  

Thank you for reading….

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