Choosing an ID name for eBay

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I've just changed mine.. again! I haven't made a habit of it, but just now it's a case of needs must.

It's no secret:
harmony-rocks - 11th Jan
rockandstones - May 1st 2008 to Jan 11th 2009
harmony_is - July 30th 2006 to May 1st 2008
isharmony - 30th June 2004 to July 30th 2006

is a run down of who I've been here, since June 2004. Why change? you may ask

Well, the first ID 'isharmony' went with the shop name, but with no space anyone looking for 'harmony' (and hopefully me) I added the under-score.  This makes a difference when searching for a member.

'rockandstones' well I was back to square one in a sense, as no hyphen or under-score made me a bit hidden. No matter really, my customers know where to find me. But it's always been there in the back of my mind to change it to something that's reachable.

I've just joined a group that was run under a different name and it spurred me on to changing today. Some there recalled me as 'harmony' and that's always important because it relates to my shop and what I sell.

I like the idea of feeling like a 'rock', There are days when the tides of time seem to throw me around. Of course that's not true, but we can all feel like it! (if we choose to).

So here we are.. I've combined the two, what I sell and how I like to feel. Of course rocks also relates to what I sell, which gives it a duality. Now with the hyphen in between, anyone seeking 'harmony' or 'rocks' should get me.

If you want to change yours go to your 'my eBay' and click on 'personal information' under where it says 'My Account'.  Then click on edit along the line where you see your current ID name and you're off!

Choose well, consider the hyphen and maybe tie the name in with what you sell. It makes sense to me.
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