Choosing an engraved dog tag

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First choose your dog tag

Dog tags come in lots of different shapes, sizes and materials. Choose one that fits the size, personality, and activity level of your pet. For a cat you might choose a fish shape; for a dog, a bone.

If your dog is very active you might want a slide on tag, which slides on to the dog's collar. You will need an ordinary collar with a metal buckle, as they wont slide over the end of a plastic snap buckle. You will need to check that your dog's collar will fit through the size of the slots on the tag.  Slide on tags last longer than ordinary tags where the split ring can get caught and pulled apart, or the hole can wear through with the resultant loss of the tag. However they can still  wear through, and you should keep an eye on their condition. Dogs taking part in sports such as agility can not compete with a dangling tag and this may influence your choice.

 The larger the tag, the more lines you can fit on and the larger and more legible the information you can have engraved.

Consider what to have engraved on the tag

In the UK it is a legal requirement to have your name & address, including a postcode, on the tag, unless your dog is in an exempt group. See article 2 of the Control of Dogs Order 1992 .

You can be fined up to £5000 if your dog does not have a tag with this information.( In Northern Ireland you also have to have the dog license number. )

You are not required to have a telephone number, but adding your mobile and land line numbers is probably going to be useful. You could also add your vet's telephone number, so if you lose your dog when you are away from home, or even abroad, or without your mobile phone there  will be a point of contact for anyone who finds your dog.

If your dog is micro-chipped, you could put that on the tag also, although if your contact details are correct and your dog is wearing his tag when found, this may not be so useful.

Traditionally dog tags have the dog's name on them. However this is less popular now, as it may help a thief entice your dog away, or make it easier for your dog to be sold on, as having your dog respond to it's name may convince others it is with it's owner.

The lines of text can be different sizes, so you also need to consider which information you want to be more prominent.

Ordering engraved tags on-line is very convenient, but bear in mind the engraving can happen very quickly, so you may not be able to change your mind.

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