Choosing the Frequency for Wireless Video Transmitters

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Choosing the Frequency for Wireless Video Transmitters

Choosing the right frequency for wireless video transmitters makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of service that a person receives. There is almost nothing more frustrating than having to go back and forth between different rooms just to receive a good transmission signal. There are many forms of entertainment on the market today that use wireless transmission functions. Wireless video transmitters can be purchased through retail department stores, stores that sell electronics, and on eBay.

Understanding how wireless transmissions work can help alleviate a lot of headaches and increase the satisfaction of the people who use these types of devices. In order to have a wireless video transmitter work properly, it is helpful for the user to know how devices wireless devices function along with some basic information on how they connect with other devices. Being able to properly set up a wireless video system is also essential to receiving optimum performance from various devices.

Wireless Video Transmitter Frequency Overview

Many electronic devices such as video game receivers often come in wireless models so that the user has more freedom to access the entertainment without having to be in close proximity to the device. There are many household products that can interfere with wireless video transmitter frequencies. Understanding how a wireless video transmitter operates and how to avoid signal wireless signal interruption can make a big difference in the quality of the wireless frequency.

How a Wireless Video Transmitter Operates

Many wireless video transmitters operate by sending a wireless signal on a high gigahertz frequency. One of the benefits of this kind of wireless video transmitter is that it is also able to operate on more than one channel at a time. Because of this functionality, one electronic device is capable of communicating with multiple other electronic devices at the same time.

Some examples of electronic devices that wireless video transmitters can operate are video game consoles, televisions, satellite receivers, and computers. A wireless video transmitter has the capability of allowing a person to operate more than one electronic device because of the wireless signal that is transmitted between the devices without a wire connection. This is what enables a television to pick up a signal sent from a wireless DVD player in another room.

Compensating for Wireless Signal Interference

As mentioned previously, there are many other electronic devices that can interfere with the wireless signal that is sent from one electronic device to another. Typically, these devices are ones whose gigahertz or megahertz frequencies have wireless signals that often overpower the ones the wireless video device sends. Examples of such items can include cordless phones or microwave ovens, even a wireless router can send out competing signals and interfere with the operation of the wireless video. Choosing other such devices that function on a 5.8 gigahertz or higher frequency can drastically reduce this effect or even eliminate it altogether.

Another option available that can help reduce interference is owning a video transmitter that is capable of operating on multiple channels. Having a transmitter with at least four channels options not only helps to reduce interference from other devices, but it also allows the user to connect multiple devices by simply changing the channel on the transmission receiver.

Frequency Transference

When searching for the right wireless video transmitter, choosing a high quality one that allows a remote control to pick up the frequency in addition to the wireless device is often worth the extra money a person may spend. Video transmitters differ in the options that can provide to the user since not all transmitters are capable of this function. This is what causes people to have to travel from room to room in order for the video transmitter frequency to be picked up. To help eliminate this problem, many people find that purchasing a wireless video transmitter with a remote control extender accomplishes this task.

In addition, many of the higher quality wireless video transmitters come with two signal transmitters that are generally smaller in size. When one of these transmitters is placed directly in front of the device it is controlling and the second transmitter is placed under the device that it is controlling, the frequency is able to be picked up by both devices with ease.

Setting Up a Wireless Video Transmitter

Normally, when setting up a wireless video device, there are both multiple receivers and transmitters involved. It is important to take the time to review the space in which the receivers and transmitters operate before attempting to set them up.

Choosing the Right Wireless Video Transmitters

There are many wireless devices that require an unobstructed pathway in order to acquire the signal from one wireless device to the other. Objects that bind a space, such as floors, walls, ceilings, or even furnishings can often interrupt the transference of the wireless signal frequency. Many times purchasing a more expensive wireless video transmitter helps eliminate this problem. If there are also wireless audio devices that need to pick up the signal from the transmitter, it is important to make sure that there is either separate unit that allows the audio device to function properly or purchase a transmitter that is capable of handling both wireless audio and video transmissions.

Radio Frequency Video Transmitters

Choosing a wireless video transmitter with a high RF (radio frequency) is beneficial when the rooms that the devices are set up in have obstructing features. It is important to look for a model that has the capability of accessing at least a 30 metre range, which allows for more options when setting up the equipment, provided that it still does not interfere with other wireless devices.

Infrared Video Transmitter

Another option available for wireless video transmitters is ones that come with IR (infrared) capabilities. This may be a good option for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money on a wireless video transmitter, but it is also important to be aware that the quality of the signal frequency transmitted may be lower and also require no room obstructions be present.

Bluetooth Video Transmitter

In addition to those wireless video transmitters, there is also the option of purchasing one with Bluetooth capabilities. This is a technology that allows wireless devices to connect with one another that are able to be in close proximity to one another. Wireless video transmitters with this feature generally are able to operate within 10 metres of the other device that receives the signal.

Installing the Wireless Video Transmitters

The way that a wireless video transmitter needs to be installed depends largely on the type of device that is purchased; however, the steps to installing them are overall relatively simple. Even if the wireless video transmitter also has audio capabilities, the process is basically the same. The set-up process typically has just a few steps to follow, which includes first connecting the outputs of the wireless device into the video transmitter and then connecting the inputs of the secondary device into the receiver. Some people also find it helpful to connect a splitter to the video transmitter so that a connection can be obtained from a local wireless device as well as have the functionality to also connect to a wireless video transmitter.

How to Buy Wireless Video Transmitters on eBay

Wireless video transmitters offer a lot of convenience for people who do not want to be tied down to one spot because their electronic devices need wire hook-ups in order to function. Finding the right wireless video transmitter on eBay is a very easy process. From the eBay homepage,, a search for the item can be placed in the search query box at the top of that page. For example, the simplest way to start would be a search for "wireless video transmitters".

Additional searches are also possible at the top of any eBay web page, which makes shopping even more convenient and hassle-free. If you are the type of person who likes instant gratification, you may be in luck if you find a seller that is in close proximity to your location that allows you to pick the item up from them. Reading the full listing that is included with each item choice allows you to find out more about the seller, their location, and their shipping preferences.


There are many electronic devices such as video game consoles that come with wire connectors; however, many of these video game consoles also include the option of changing remotes to wireless ones. Although there are many wireless video transmitter manufacturers that advertise themselves as being the best ones on the market, the best one for the buyer often requires some additional knowledge and foresight on how they function in order for them to work as expected.

Purchasing a wireless video transmitter that has a high RF value can help eliminate a lot of headaches and frustration that comes from other wireless devices that compete for the same frequencies. Knowing how frequency transmission works and understanding what to look for when choosing a wireless video transmitter makes shopping for one less painstaking. Since the process of setting one up is also relatively easy, the user can begin experiencing all the joys of owning a wireless video transmitter in no time at all.

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