Choosing the Right Fish Tank For Your Fish

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Choosing the Right Fish Tank For Your Fish

Fish tanks come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. They allow individuals to bring marine life indoors while increasing the aesthetic value of room decor. When shopping, keep in mind fish type, as this helps determine proper fish tank dimensions. While some fish are small in size and are one of the most manageable pets, others can grow to greater lengths and therefore require more space in order to live and thrive.


Fish Tank Size

The amount of space required to keep fish in good health varies by type. Angelfish are able to adapt easily to a wide array of environments; however, their size often requires a large fish tank. Similarly, Tangs and Triggerfish are relatively active and require adequate swimming room. On the other hand, Scorpionfish are relatively small in size and inactive. Because of this, they can flourish in smaller sized 3-feet aquarium fish tanks. Generally speaking, tank size ranges from 9.5 to 684 L. Which size you need also depends on the number of fish you want as well as fish compatibility. It is recommended that for every fish, an extra 4 L of water be present; this allows for plenty of room in the tank.


Fish Tank Shape

The majority of marine aquariums are rectangular; however, you can choose pentagon, hexagon, and bow fronted fish tank varieties. These specially shaped tanks generally suit areas with limited floor space. Wall-mounted fish tanks are also available for smaller living areas. It is important to note that the surface area determines the amount of oxygen the fish tank supplies, which is imperative for fish health. Fish tanks with an increased surface area also allow for greater fish movement. Buyers should also purchase an air pump to help oxygenate the water.


Fish Tank Heater

In order to maximise fish health and happiness, invest in a heater for the fish tank. Fish are not capable of producing their own body heat; instead, the water temperature regulates and provides warmth. Thus, a fish tank heater is recommended for certain fish types, such as tropical fish, that need warmer water to thrive. On the other hand, goldfish do not generally need a heater, as they can flourish in 18 degree Celsius water. The heater should be proportionally sized to that of the marine aquarium fish tank; In addition, cooler rooms require larger heaters.


Lighted Hood

The aquarium fish tank should feature a hood with lights. While the hood helps keep fish confined to the tank, lights allow plants to grow. Set the light to a timer or manually monitor it; excessive light or sunlight promotes algae growth. Some fish types, such as blennies, feed on algae along with frozen or live food and prefer a reef environment where they can hide.

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