Choosing the best suitable monitor for you

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This guide will help you to understand what kind of monitor you should be looking for. Factors that you should consider before buying a Monitor: * Eye Sight * Power Consumption * Health * Price Eye Sight There are 14", 15", 17", 19", 21" monitors available. If you are long-sighted you should get a bigger monitor as you can easily change your computer's settings to suite your eyes. For short sighted people, I personally would recommend a bigger screen than 15", if you use a computer a lot. The more you look at the monitor the more your eyes will change for good sight, so because of this - always get a bigger one! Power Consumption There are CRT, LCD Displays (Plasma also available) which use different amounts of power. You might choose a CRT monitor, which uses the same screen as older TVs do. My 15" Monitor uses less than 45 Watts of power, which is really low. CRT screens use more - about 200W. So LCDs are always better. Health Anyone seeing a CRT Display next to an LCD would think that they are no different in health factors, but they might be just totally wrong. CRT Displays give off high radiation and high amounts of light as well as using flourescent padding on the display. People with heart and brain problems might find it difficult to look at CRT display as the screen is refreshed more than 50/60 times a second. LCD Displays don't do that as they don't use osciloscope. Also, LCD screens don't give off radiation and high voltage that is contained in the CRT screens. Therefore, the cleaner energy and health will always come from LCD than CRT Display Price For a price - CRT is the first choice for new bussinesses and new computer users. LCDs started taking over the market from CRTs by the factors such as health, eye sight and power consumption. CRT Display will always beat LCD by the price as they are easier to manufacture and have poorer specifications. Also one thing to consider ( which is very important ) - LCD Displays are flat and they take up very small amount of space in your room! Conclusion Buying an LCD Display will save your health, space, eyes, electricity bill. The payback time will be much shorter than the CRT displays, which damage your health and brain a lot, take up a lot of space and are cheap.
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