Choosing the right envelope

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Product Guide - Envelopes

Envelopes carry your company's image as well as your letters and documents, so choosing whats right for you and your company is vital. Choose from the selection below, selecting a size and style to suit your individual needs.

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Envelope Size Guide

  • C4 - 324x229mm
  • (12 3/4"x9") envelopes hold an A4 sheet unfolded

Please see our auctions on C4 Envelopes

  • C5 - 229x162mm
  • (9"x6 3/8") envelopes hold an A4 sheet folded once or an A5 sheet unfolded.

Please see our auctions on C5 Envelopes

  • C6 - 114x162mm
  • (4 1/2"x8 3/8") envelopes hold an A4 sheet folded twice or an A5 sheet folded once.

Please see our auctions on C6 Envelopes

  • DL - 110x220mm
  • (4 1/4"x8 5/8") envelopes hold an A4 sheet folded teice or an A5 sheet folded once.

Please see our auctions on DL Envelopes

Envelope Style Guide


  • Flap is on Short Edge


  • Flap is on long edge

Envelope Sealing Guide

Peel & Seal

  • The speedy way to seal envelopes. Simply peel away the release tape from the envelope flap to reveal a thick layer of adhesive which seals instantly with a strong bond. Seal strength does not weaken with age.

Press Seal

  • Press the two layers of adhesive (one on each flap) together to form an instantly strong bond. Seal strength weakens after a six month period. for peace of mind security slits are often added to clearly identify whether an envelope has been opened.

Gummed Seal

  • Moisten the layer of adhesive along the envelope flap and close.

Twin Gummed

  • Double the amount of adhesive for a stronger seal.

Window Position Options

  • Windows are measured in from the left of the window and up from the bottom of the envelope, and looking at the envelope with the flap at the top.

Envelopes paper weight guide

80gsm Envelopes

  • Suitable for bills, Receipts, Basic mailing of 1-3 sheets.

90gsm Envelopes

  • Suitable for mailing of 3-15 sheets

100 gsm Envelopes

  • Letterhead Correspondence, prestigious mailing.

110 - 120gsm Envelopes

  • Suitable for letterhead correspondence, prestigious mailing

125gsm Envelopes

  • Suitable for Heavy important mailing, prestigious mailing of bulky items, for example booklets.




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