Choosing the right item

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Choosing the right item

We've all been want/need/yearn for that item, be a handbag, sewing machine or car! But before you buy ask yourself:-

1 CAN YOU AFFORD IT - obvious but a vital question. I want that new handbag but I know I've got a lot of bills to pay before next payday. Maybe I could get it next month.

2 WILL I USE IT - yes I can afford those new shoes, but realistically that will be sat in a cupboard doing nothing for months or years until I have a clear out on donate them to the charity shop.

3 WHAT IS THE POSTAGE COST - always take into consideration postage costs. Is there another seller selling the same item with a lower price (including the postage)

4 AM I BUYING IT FOR THE THRILL OF THE AUCTION - again we've all been there,mc aught up in the auction bidding more and more. Before bidding set a price you ae willing to pay and stick to it!

5 WHO ARE YOU BUYING IT FOR - is it for you or for someone else. If it's for someone else are you sure they will like it? Is the colour right, the size correct?
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