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Winter Rugs

When it comes to winter there is a vary of which rugs you can buy for your horse, from style to weight.

There are two main different styles that you can get and this is a standard which is the rug on the body of the horse (like shown in the picture) and a combo which is like the the standard rug but has another section added which covers the neck. 

Along with the different styles of rugs there is also different fabrics used, for the rugs that will be used outside (turnout rugs) there is a weaved together material with an added waterproof outer to protect them from the rain and keep them dry. Then for when the horses are in their stables there are non waterproofed rugs, these are weaved together, although the strength and quality of the rugs may differ from the stable to turnout.

The weights of the winter rugs can also vary and they are as follows:
Lite weight - No fill
Medium-lite - 100g
Medium weight - 200-220g
Heavy weight - 300-360g
The 'g' means grams which is how much filling is in the rug to keep the horse warm.

Listings for standard rugs can be found here:

Listings for combo rugs can be found here:

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