Choosing when to use the Listing Subtitle

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The subtitle is expensive, but it can be useful in some circumstances.

Common reasons NOT to use the Subtitle:

  • It is expensive
  • It is not searched when doing a standard keyword search
  • The title now has 80 characters to put your keywords, so there is arguably less need for subtitle?
  • The subtitle is not seen in some views of your listing (so if used, the information should be repeated in the listing description)

When the Subtitle comes in useful :

  • To add valuable information that may not contain major keywords, or that will not fit in the title, but you still wish to be seen in a search;
  • To add VARIABLE information in a multi-quantity listing - for example colours or dates available, which you may need to change, but which help clarify details of your listing in a search.  (Note :  As soon as you sell from a multi-quantity listing, you can no longer make ANY changes to the item title, but you CAN make changes to, or add or remove, a subtitle)
  • To distinguish your listing from a competitor's, to emphasise a unique quality of your listing or service
  • To add postal information

In conclusion

  • the subtitle should not be used routinely, to keep listing costs down, unless your profit is increased sufficiently by using it, or if you sell high value items where the extra subtitle cost is insignificant;
  • the subtitle should definitely be considered for some listings and can provide great benefit if used carefully.
  • Keep keywords in the title if at all possible
  • Keep variable information that you want to show in search results in the subtitle - if you can justify the extra cost
  • Regularly review use of the subtitle in your listings.

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