Christmas Consoles - Which One ??

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Well, its not far off the time to start thinking about Christmas.......

Lights & Decorations.......
And good old family gaming!!  :)

Although, after Christmas dinner, I don't think it too wise to bounce around playing the Wii fit or other titles.  :(

The big question is... What to buy for Christmas???

My honest opinion of the 3 major consoles is:

Wii = A great family console and great fun with the Wii Fit board, (although actually getting a board can prove difficult). As I said though, great for party play, but probably not too enjoyable for the avid gamer. Well priced, but a little bit gimmicky and not so powerful, especially compared to the new age 360 and PS3. Price approx £129.99

Xbox 360 = Great price for such a powerful machine, great range of games and great Online play. These three vital things that give it the edge in the "Console Wars". Definitely worth a look now Microsoft had sorted out the faulty overheating that plagued earlier 360 models. You can now also add Wii like motion control to your games with the new Xbox Kinect for £129.99. A basic 4gb Xbox360 can be had for just £139.99 but its best opting for the 250gb if you use Xbox Live.

PS3 = Power, great range of games that rivals the 360, good Online community. Biggest failure is the price! Okay, you get a built in Blu-Ray dvd player but the PS3 retails at a little under £300. Maybe we might see a price drop before this Christmas, but after a price drop to under £300, there's little chance of that!

My CHOICE = The Xbox 360 with a 250gb Harddrive will leave you with a spare £100 over the PS3, so you can treat yourself to some games!  :)

Thanks for reading, hope this helps a little! Happy gaming & Happy Christmas!

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