Christmas help from our #eBayElves

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Struggling to find the perfect gift this season? Tweet your dilemma to @eBay_uk with #eBayElves. They’re the experts in all things Christmas, each with their own area of expertise, on hand to give you the greatest gift ideas customised for your needs! 

Feel free to tweet them a hello. They may even reply with a carol or two.
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Alice: @eBay_UK_Alice

Alice is the epitome of the modern mum:  chic, cool and wows everyone with her top tips on activities and family fun. She knows all about the latest gifts for children, as well as what recipes will put a smile on her family’s face. 

When she’s not hanging the newest quirky artwork on the wall, or planning the next birthday surprise, Alice gives the best advice on trends and gifts in the world of kids. Tweet her on @eBay_UK_Alice using #eBayElves or find her gift suggestions here .
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Carrie: @eBay_UK_Carrie

Carrie not only knows how to organise a party, she knows damn well how to make it fun, her passions in creativity and cooking help her  throw the perfect Christmas bash. She’s the flawless lady on a budget, her bubbly personality makes her the life and soul of every occasion.  

When the guests aren’t chatting away with her, they’re probably admiring her decorations, or trying some of her quirky cocktails and party dishes. She loves Pinterest and Instagram, using them to be queen of the party hack with tips and tricks that could put professionals to shame. You can find her by tweeting on @eBay_UK_Carrie with #eBayElves or find her gift suggestions here.
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Steve: @eBay_UK_Steve

He’s the lovable lad and Essex boy at heart, whilst also the perfect sleuth. He’s the king of all things Secret Santa. 

Knowing that the presents are often not taken seriously, he uses his humour to find you the most original gifts, as well as the best deals in town. 

Test his knowledge of funny and original ideas by tweeting him @eBay_UK_Steve using #eBayElves or find his gift suggestions here. 

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Greg: @eBay_UK_Greg

Thoughtful and funny Greg uses his slick charm to talk his way into 
being your best mate. Hand-picking you the most original gifts, while linking you to some awesome Christmas hacks. He may not look 
like it, but he knows how to gift wrap like a pro. Feel free to tweet him on @eBay_UK_Greg using #eBayElves or find his gift suggestions here.
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