Chrome Pocket Watch Buying Guide

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Chrome Pocket Watch Buying Guide

Watches are essential accessories for many people, both men and women. Besides normal wrist watches, pocket watches can also be a great fashion accessory especially for men who do not like wearing their watches on their wrists and who prefer a timepiece with a classic style. For those planning to buy a timepiece as a gift for someone, or for themselves, a chrome pocket watch can be the perfect choice since chrome watches have an elegant shine and can hardly tarnish even after many years.

Chrome pocket watches are available in various classic as well as modern designs, so buyers should first decide what kind of design they want their watch to have. Besides selecting the design, there are other factors to look at when buying a chrome pocket watch, such as the condition and price, among other things. Chrome pocket watches are available in major jewellery shops, both local and online, and a large selection can also be found on eBay.

Decide on a New or Antique Chrome Pocket Watch

The first thing to do before buying a chrome pocket watch is to choose between getting a new or an antique or vintage timepiece. It is generally easier to shop for a new pocket watch than for an antique one. New chrome pocket watches are continually being produced and they can come in either classic or modern designs. An antique or vintage pocket watch, on the other hand, especially from a specific period, is more difficult to find and, often, more expensive.

To help one decide on whether to buy a modern or antique chrome pocket watch, it is useful to consider what the watch is to be used for. Modern watches are more suitable for daily use, whereas antique watches are more suited to be kept in a collection or to be used occasionally at formal functions.

Buying a Chrome Pocket Watch

After deciding whether users want a new or an antique timepiece, they can then begin looking for the perfect pocket chrome watch for their needs and preferences. Buyers can find pocket watches in regular watch shops, jewellery stores, antique shops, and also online shops. However, before committing to purchasing a particular watch, there are other things buyers should consider besides the type of watch.

Chrome Pocket Watch Style and Features

A chrome pocket watch can come in two main styles, namely the open and closed styles. As the name suggests, an open-styled watch does not have a lid covering its face, while a close-styled watch or a hunter case watch does have a lid, which users can flip open to look at the time. This choice is up to the buyers' preferences, as a closed or open watch does not have any difference in terms of quality. They only differ aesthetically and may appeal to different users. However, if buyers plan to use the pocket watch daily, a close-style watch is a better choice to avoid the watch getting scratched from other objects, such as keys or coins. Although antique and vintage watches are mechanical watches, which require regular winding, some modern watches also have a wind-up mechanism, especially new watches with classic styles. If buyers do not want the hassle of winding up their watch, they can just get a battery operated pocket watch.

Chrome Pocket Watch Size

Pocket watches, including chrome ones can come in many sizes ranging from 25 millimetres to 46 millimetres across. Although choosing the size of a pocket watch can sometimes be a confusing task especially for first-time buyers, it is actually very simple. If detailed sizing information is not provided by the seller, buyers can use the following table for reference.


Measurement (in mm)























Since most pocket watches are unisex, there is generally no difference in size between pocket watches for men and those for women. Users should remember that when looking at the size of a pocket watch, this should be measured by the diameter of the movement or dial, and not the case or body. The case of a pocket watch can be of any size and thickness, so a 14S watch in a large case or body can look similar in size to a 16S watch in a small case.

What to Look At when Buying an Antique or Vintage Chrome Pocket Watch

Although many people consider that antique is a synonym for vintage, an antique pocket watch is a timepiece of over 100 years old, whereas a vintage one is usually between 30 and 100 years old. Buyers should remember that the older the watch is, the more expensive it is likely to be, so buying an antique chrome pocket watch can cost considerably more than a vintage one. To find out the real age of a pocket watch, buyers can look at its serial number, which is usually stamped on the back of the watch. Another way is to look for a certificate of authenticity or the original receipt from when the watch was first bought after its production.

Condition of a Used Chrome Pocket Watch

An extremely important factor to consider when buying an used chrome pocket watch is its condition. First, buyers should ensure that the watch is working, if they intend to use it, otherwise they risk spending too much if the watch needs major repairs. Next, buyers should look at any signs of damage on the outside of the watch. If the watch is very worn and dirty on the outside, this shows that it has not been well taken care of and the internal mechanism may be in a similar condition. Another thing to test on a pocket watch is its winding mechanism. Buyers should try winding and setting the watch. If the watch is in good condition, it should wind smoothly without any grinding or uneven resistance.

Extra Considerations when Buying a Chrome Pocket Watch

Although a new chrome pocket watch should not have any damage whatsoever, buyers should still at least examine the watch for any external blemishes. Besides that, buyers may want to get a pocket watch with a chain so they can wear it on their neck or attach it to their belt loop or waistcoat. Since pocket watches look very elegant and can be a perfect family heirloom, some may also want to have their chrome pocket watches engraved. This is also a good idea if one is buying a pocket watch as a gift for a friend or family member.

How to Buy a Chrome Pocket Watch on eBay

eBay is a good place to shop for chrome pocket watches as it has a large selection that is likely to suit anyone's taste and budget. Pocket watches are available as new, used, vintage, or antique pieces from various sellers. You can search for the perfect chrome pocket watch on eBay by just visiting the eBay home page and typing 'chrome pocket watch&' into the search bar. After typing in your keywords, a list appears with all the available chrome pocket watches. If you want to make your search more specific, you can use different keywords such as 'vintage chrome pocket watch' or 'battery chrome pocket watch', depending on your needs. When browsing through the list of watches, make sure you look at the description and the price of each watch.

To look at more information for a pocket watch, just click on it and you are directed to its product page. On this page, you can view the full details of the watch, its condition, extra features, and other information provided by the seller. Make sure that you read all information before you purchase the watch. If you have any inquiries about the pocket watch, you can always contact the seller directly. Otherwise, if you truly satisfied with it, you can purchase the pocket watch.


A chrome pocket watch can be the perfect gift for a friend or family member especially if they like elegant and classy timepieces. Two options that one has when buying a chrome pocket watch is to buy a new one or a used one, which can even be antique or vintage. Buying a new pocket watch is usually easy since new watches are often in perfect condition. However, antique and vintage pocket watches may have damages, so buyers must be extra careful when buying one.

Besides checking the condition the of the watch before buying it, buyers can also consider its style and size. Open-styled pocket watches do not have a lid covering the face, while close-styled watches do. If buying a pocket watch as a gift, buyers can also engrave it to make it even more special. Searching for a chrome pocket watch on eBay is simple, due to the large selection of pocket watches available, in both new and used conditions, available from many sellers, and the simple search system of the website.

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