Chronograph Watch Buying Guide

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Chronograph Watch Buying Guide

Chronograph watches are one of the classic types of watches, and while some people confuse them with chronometer watches, chronographs and chronometers are different. Chronographs feature individual dials and a stopwatch, offering the user more information and versatility. When selecting a chronograph watch, consider its movement, type, dials, and features.


Chronograph Watch Movements

The cheapest and most common chronograph watch movement is quartz, but many watch connoisseurs do not consider quartz stylish enough for a chronograph. However, it is a very good option for buyers who just want a durable, practical, and beautiful chronograph. Mechanical watches are better quality, although there are both winding and self-winding options. Self-winding options are more convenient because you do not have to wind them, but winding watches are more nostalgic, and often more impressive. Finally, you can also choose electric or battery-powered chronograph watches.


Chronograph Watch Face

The watch face or cover is important because it affects the durability of the chronograph watch. Crystal quartz faces are durable and beautiful, but often expensive. Acrylic crystal is cheap and durable, but not recommended for anyone looking for a stylish and luxurious watch, because acrylic is a type of plastic. Mineral crystal glass is popular, durable, and very common in expensive chronograph watches. Finally, sapphire crystal is the most expensive and most durable option, because it is shatterproof and scratch resistant.


Chronograph Watch Features

Many chronograph watches offer unique features to the buyer. For example, the subdials in some watches can record anywhere from a few minutes to up to 12 hours, while other chronographs feature a stopwatch with individual dials for minutes, seconds, and hours. Other features to look for include waterproofing, scratch resistance, and backlighting. You also have to choose the band, which is traditionally steel, titanium, gold, or silver for a chronograph, but may also be available in leather depending on the manufacturer.


Chronograph Watch Brand

The brand is a very important consideration for most watch lovers. Whether you just want a quality watch, of want a specific brand like Seiko or Tissot, you do have to consider it. Omega, Movado, Heuer, and Rolex are a few iconic watch brands, and most have been around since the 1960s, when the chronograph first came into style. Other, more affordable brands, include Esquire, Armani, and Lorus. Choose a brand of chronograph according to your preferences and budget.

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