Citroen C4 Custom Wheel Buying Guide

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The Citroen C4 is a loveable French-made car available in both 5 door hatchback and 3-door Coupe. Patterned largely from the Peugeot 307, the hatchback is quite round whilst the coupe displays an angular appearance. Despite the Citroen C4's good looks, not everyone wants to keep the original wheels. Citroen C4 owners who wish to upgrade from original to custom wheels, should first take the time to see which wheel type best suits them and their car.


C4 Compatibility

The first step in finding custom wheels for any car is to locate compatible types. Citroen C4 owners can do this by contacting Citroen aftermarket vendors online or in the store. Buyers can choose from 14, 15, 16 and 17 inch wheels for their C4 model along with off-set and rim size differences. The most elementary part in selecting compatible custom wheels is choosing those with a bolt pattern that conforms to the bolt configuration on their car.


Hub Centric

A car's original wheels are hub centric. This means its axle fits the exact diameter of the centre wheel bore. Lug nuts secure the wheel in place and prevent the wheel from sliding on the wheel mounting plate, but the axle/wheel connection bears the weight of the car. This hub-centric connection is essential in preserving component life and drive quality. The alternative is a lug-centric connection, which commonly occurs in aftermarket wheels that have oversized hub diameters to accommodate a greater range of models. A wheel hub with a diameter too large for the axle creates a loose fit. The lug nuts in this case bear the car's weight in addition to absorbing lateral and vertical force. Aftermarket retailers compensate by providing hub centric spacers to return a wheel connection to a hub centric one.


Wheel and Tyre Ratio

Citroen buyers should find out the correct wheel/tyre ratio for their model before choosing wheels. Customers wishing to retain their existing tyres need to know what the diameter, radius, and circumference of their tyres are and choose wheels to accord with their tyres. A poor wheel/tyre ratio can compromise performance and give an incorrect speedometer reading. To simplify the wheel buying process, buyers can choose custom wheels with pre attached compatible tyres.


Wheel Style

Most people upgrade their OEM wheels to custom varieties to enhance their car's visual appeal. Some do so for specific reasons, such as to accentuate certain design aspects of their car with those of a complementary wheel. Citroen C4 owners should consider not just appearance alone, but the type of performance they can expect from their chosen wheels. Alloy wheels make the ideal aftermarket choice for the Citroen C4 due to their good appearance along with their ideal performance/weight ratio. With many alloy types to choose from, there is unlikely to be a reason not to find the perfect style.

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