Claiming through paypal (you can get it all back!)

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I thought I'd been stung by the old paypal problem that if the seller didn't have any money in their account you couldn't claim back whats owed to you, untill this week!!

I put a claim through paypal after I returned a faulty product but never got my refund.  I was furious when I only got £7 out of the £20 I was owed!  The email clearly stated that that was all they could claim back as that was all they had in their account.  So I left it until it happen again with some one else! (yes I've had a bad run with sellers this month!!)

This time after only getting a partial refund I filed again!  and not only did I get the rest of my money back but because I'd not shut my claim for the first claim Paypal had checked their account again and I got the £13 back I was owed!

So although it says that all they can claim back make sure the claim is still open, if its not file again!  That way as soon as some one pays them you get your money back!!

Good luck!  and I hope you never have to use this!  Remember for every one con ebayer there is 1000 good ones!!


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