Clamp Buying Guide

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Clamp Buying Guide

In a workshop, clamps often have an important role as they hold objects in place steadily, and much better than human hands can do. Clamps are tools that apply inward pressure in order to secure or hold objects tightly together. Learn about the main features of clamps as well as the available types in order to find a suitable clamp for your task.


How Clamps Work

A clamp is a hand tool with opposite parts or sides that you adjust and bring closer together to compress or hold something. The capacity of the clamp depends on the size of piece that the clamp can hold when you extend the screw fully. Another feature of a clamp is the throat depth, the distance from the centre of the screw to the inner edge of the frame.


Clamp Uses

The most useful application of a clamp is probably securing adhesives. When gluing two pieces together you can use a clamp to keep them together, especially when the adhesive needs to dry for an extended period of time. In woodworking, you can also hold pieces of wood firmly on the workbench with a clamp when sanding or cutting. You can use clamps for a variety of worksite, household, and automotive tasks.


Clamp Types

There are many clamps available and they differ from each other in their features and uses. Some are specialised clamps suitable only for certain tasks. For instance, spring clamps are for odd shapes. Thus, you should consider a clamp purchase thoroughly in order to buy the right one.


Clamp Type



Bar Clamp

Bar length determines the width the clamp can support

Requires two bars

For longer objects

Belt Clamp

Usually nylon

Wraps around large objects

For situations that require multiple single clamps


C-shaped frame

For smaller objects

Corner Clamp

Arms clamp at 90 degrees

Small clamping capacity

For joining wood at right angles

Edge Clamp

Holds edging strips, trim, and moulding

Soldering and welding applications

Mould and trim work


Two wooden jaws to avoid scratches

Many sizes available

For use with non-parallel surfaces


Trigger design

Use it with one hand

Quick and easy tightening and setting


Varying lengths for different projects

Unlimited capacity

Various projects


Functions like a clothespin

For applying light pressure

Useful with odd shapes


If you have several projects, you may want to consider getting more than one clamp. You can find kits with various clamps, such as those for welding, as well as pipe clamps, which are suitable for different purposes.

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