Clarice Cliff Terms

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Here are so many terms linked to the ceramicist Clarice Cliff (1899-1972). Here are just a few.

Bizarre: Many of Clarice Cliff's designs may be described as this make. See Original Bizarre.

Conical: (Of cups) Coming to a point, then parts added in order for the item to stand up.

Crocus: A watercolour like floral pattern.

Fancies: Something that is a not a vase, jug, or cup.

Fantasque: Abstracts of cottages and trees.

Newport Pottery: The pottery firm that Clarice Cliff worked for to begin with. Original Bizarre items may be marked with Newport Pottery.

Original Bizarre: A original multicolour triangle pattern Clarice used.

Ravel: A brown design with a red half square, and red and green tracks.

Viking Boat: The design for a flower holder.

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