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So, again for bzzagent and ebay guides i thaught i would write you a guide on cleaning, rndom i know but i love it. Some products i would recomend are a steam cleaner, the best thing since sliced bread if you get a all in 1 one you have parts for everything from carpets and hard floors to windows and even cleaning grout and ovens! i have the Morphy Richards 720020 9-in-1 Upright Steam Cleaner just £35 on ebay. it cleans to an unbelievable standard. then polish if you have glass tables, like me you will HATE it when you dust and bits of dust are still stuck to the glass i would say use normal furniture with a glass microfiber cloth no more bits of dust stuk everywhere as it picks it straight up. you could also try hoovering everything but the cloth is much easier. you can use it on any other materials than just glass and it works the same. then for hoovering your carpets it has to be the dyson digital slim its pricey but amazing. then for laminate floors tiled floors etc. i would recomend the vileda 3 action broom it has bristles to pick up big bits and even the finest bits of dust and crumbs etc. and it is shaped so it gets into corners perfectly. then to pick it all up i use to vileda dust pan and brush, you get no small line of dust that just refuses to go into the pan as the plastic at the end is shaped so it lays perfectly flat on the floor when putting it away the brush also slots into the handle of the pan so no more coming apart in the cupboard! then for cleaning the floor you can use either your steam cleaner or i use the vileda supermocio 3 action mop it has an eraser for stubborn dirt, microfibre strips for greasy stains etc and 3d red spots to pick up hair and dirt. the wringer on the bucket has a power press so your floors aren't wet through when they have been cleaned thus, drying faster. you can but all 3 for just £30 thats amazing!!

Enjoy your sparkling home :-) 
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