Cleaning & Maintain The TA Human Hair Extensions

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1.WASHING: BEFORE you wash your hair be sure to brush gently with wide tooth comb to remove all tangles. When you have extensions ALWAYS Wash your hair going in a downward motion. SLOWLY wet your hair when washing, when water is added to dry hair it will swell up causing it to tangle. Hair extensions tangle when they get dirty or sweat builds up so to make your extensions last as long as possible wash & dry your hair no less than every other day.

2.STYLING: ONLY use a soft bristle brushes when styling extensions. ALWAYS brush in a downward motion by starting at the tips and gently work your way up to the scalp. To make your extensions last quickly brush your hair twice a day. HEAT IS YOUR #1 ENEMY, the more often you use heat to style your hair the shorter your hair extensions will last. Even when youd dont have extensions it is best to let your hair dry naturally or blow dry without heat.

3.EXERCISE: It is best for the extensions if you keep them out of the pool. Chlorine and salt water cause the hair to tangle and mat up. If you are going to swim wear a cap or wet your hair slowly as you get in. When exercising at the gym wear your hair up or in a ponytail where there is not a lot of hair movement around the scalp. This will keep the hair from tangling.

4.SLEEPING: NEVER sleep on wet hair, make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before you go to bed. Make sure all holding products (gel, mousse, hairspray) have been rinsed from the hair before sleeping. It is best with your hair up because tossing & turning in the night can cause the extensions to tangle.

5.HAIR CARE PRODUCTS: Use a good leave in conditioner to keep your hair soft & manageable. Use conditioner & other leave in products sparingly as they can build up over time & cause tangling. ALWAYS avoid hair products that contain alcohol, they dry out your scalp.

6.HAIR TREATMENTS: NEVER perm, color or perfrom any other chemical process on your own. Certain store bought cosmetic products damage the extensions & bonds so be sure to only get products I recommend you when wearing extensions.
By TM Human Hair Extension On Ebya

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