Cleaning coins and removing verdigris.

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Simply this:- please do not clean coins using any abrasives, acids or alkaline cleaning products whatsoever ! If you feel you must muck about with a coin a little mild detergent in hot water and your fingers or if you really really have to - a babies toothbrush is the most you should ever do. Pat dry with a lint free soft cotton towel. Hold by the edges or rim with clean hands and buy some plastic coin wallets to store and display. Cleaning coins in almost all cases will in fact reduce the value to any serious numismatist collector or dealer. Best to show, or sell them as you find them. Many a very valuable coin has been turned into a worthless one by ignorant and over enthusiastic  polishers and acid dippers along with so called "experts" advising use of chemicals. Leave well alone, after all you wouldn't polish polish or clean a  painting or an antique bronze unless you were rather daft. The grading of coins is by an almost universal method of  mint, ef, vf, f, vg, g ( There are intermediate grades) will not be diguised in any way by cleaning, only downgraded because of it. Good luck.
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