Cleaning leather with the wrong products

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As a leather repair company we often receive calls & emails from customers who have used the wrong products to clean their leather items. Here are a few common problems we deal with on a daily basis.

Problem 1: I used baby wipes to clean my leather now it is starting to peel?

Answer: BABY WIPES are the worst thing you can use as they will destroy the finish on your leather. They are very strong alkaline cleaners designed to neutralise urine acid on baby's skin so they are not designed to be used on leather. 

Leather wipes another product to hit the market place, problem a lot of these wipes contain chemicals which can also damage the leather finish or leave residues on the leather surface which can cause damage. Also the cost of these wipes they are not cheap in the long run compared to leather cleaners, as you would need a lot of wipes to clean a whole leather sofa or 3 piece suite.

Problem 2: I used hairspray on my leather to remove a stain or dye mark now my leather has started to fade losing its colour.

Answer: Hair spray. In most cases people think that the hair spray is removing the stain, which to a degree it is the problem being it also removes the top coat sealer and fades the painted or dyed leather whilst doing so. As the item dries the damage can be seen this would now require restoration as further cleaning would have little to no effect.

We would like to add the right products can be obtained if you are not sure please contact us.
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