Cleaning your cherished paint and waxing

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If you love you car and want to keep the paintwork protected.
There are many how to guides available, but I'm going to give you the simplest, most effective and effort free way possible.
Its not rocket science, the trick is to use the best quality products and we at skevstyres know the secret to success.
A tip though is avoid the quick beside the road car washes who just jet wash your car and wipe it over. Yes the dirts gone, but so is all the protective wax. You will see the difference when you wax your paintwork properly and it rains next.

First wash your car.....the trick here is to use a hose and plenty of clean water, wash all over first to wet the paintwork and wash off any pieces of dirt that may scratch. When thats done simply wipe over with plenty of soapy water, no tricks just a bucket and sponge and some mild shampoo, rinse thoroughly. Leave to dry.
The real trick is the waxing, look on ebay for K-Wax Carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is truly amazing stuff,
You simply have to wipe it on sparingly, use mutton cloth as stated in directions, let it dry, which in winter is about 1-2 minutes then wipe it off! You dont even have to rub hard, just two passes with a clean microfibre cloth.
We do cars here , fully waxed within 15 minutes, to a perfect shine. Once in summer we even left the wax to dry and went for lunch, two hours later it was still the same result, simple wipe off.
It says it gives about 6 waxes from a 500ml bottle, and if anything it will go a bit further, you really dont need to put on a thick layer, (costs about £2 per full wax, so not even expensive). Unlike other waxes, this one contains no powder as a drying agent, so you cant get horrid white streaks. Perfect beading too, you will want it to rain straight away.
Use it on plastic and vinyls , no detriment to the car at all and keeps it shining and protected.
Once waxed, second applications are eve quicker, and we also use the K-Wax Shampoo in between waxes as it contains Carnauba wax and tops up the protection even more.
Just try this method and you wont bother going to the local car wash again.
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