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There are many ways to cleanse mined from the earth crystal, but there are drawbacks with some methods. The ancient smudging is a good way, but some people don't like the smoke (personally I love the smell of sage or incense and smudge my home & workplace regularly). Placing your crystal in sunlight is also a good method, but with some crystals, like amethyst, sunlight causes fading. It is enough, often to rinse them under a tap, though this is problematic with crystals like selenite, which dissolve in water (though a quick rinse should be ok).

The method I use for all crystals in my collections on sale, is using flower essence. I began making this before I took my diploma in vibrational medicine and have kept it preserved in alcohol. It is something of a ritual for me to lay the pieces out on a clean surface and spray them with the essence, most often on a sunny/cloudless day in my garden.

The first flower essence I made was from passion-flower, it is abundant in my garden from mid-late spring to end of summer and most of the blends I have made have a variety in them including Passionflower, Russian Sage, Geranium, Nasurtium, Mint, Lemon Balm and Rosemary . I don't sell it, but you can make your own.

Here's the method I use:

  1. On a sunny, cloud free day, pick some flowers. It is believed that we are naturally drawn to the flower energy we need, but essentially all flowers have a harmonising energy.
  2. Place the flower-heads into a clean glass bowl, to which spring water has been added. The amount of water used doesn't matter, as the flower energy transfers molecule to molecule. But bear in mind that  if you want to preserve your essence, after this process is complete, you'll need to double up with alcohol (vodka is recommended).
  3. Leave the flowers in the water for up to 2 hours. If you wish you can place crystal points around the bowl, to enhance the energy, place these between the sun and the bowl, with the point (if it has one) facing the bowl.
  4. After the required time has passed, strain through a clean muslin cloth and use within 3 days. Keep it in a cool, dark place. A screw-top bottle is fine to keep the essence in, but make sure it is thoroughly cleansed first.
  5. 5. If you want to make a batch to use at intervals, I recommend that you preserve it with alcohol. The solutions needs to be a 50/50 mix of essence and alcohol. Again store in a cool, dark place and it will last for years !
  6. An atomiser/spray bottle is required for the cleansing process, just put a couple of drops into up to 200ml spring water. Just a fine spray into the air above your crystals is enough, no need to spray directly onto them.

Happy essence making !

NB. I have found flower essence to be a great way to cleanse the aura after reading for others and recommend it highly to spiritual healers, readers etc. Why carry away the energy of others with you?

Recommended Books:

Flower Readings by Suzi Chiazzari, for the energy of flowers

Healing with the Spirit of Plants Clare G Harvey & Amanda Cochrane, for healing energy of plants

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