Clearing Tarot and Oracle Cards For Readings

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There are several methods that can be used to clear your Tarot and Oracle cards. My personal favourite is to pass the cards through incense smoke or to 'smudge' them with smouldering sage sticks, if you find Smudge sticks hard to come by they can be purchased from my shop Moondust and Angels. 'Smudging' is an ancient Shamanic practise and is essentially a healing practise. The onset of the 'new-age' movement has taken shamanism amongst other practises and adapted it, this is controversial, however, Sage can be used by anyone to clear energies and to create sacred space. Sage is regarded by many as a powerful herb and is said to have excellent cleansing and healing qualities. Light your sage stick and blow out the flame until it is just smoking, the same as you would with an incense stick. Using an Abalone shell to rest the sage stick in,(stands are available for the abalone shells) you can then take a feather to waft the smoke around your cards. You can of course just use your hands or pass the cards through the smoke.

(Take care never to leave a smouldering stick unattended) only use the sage stick when it is smouldering and not alight!

Just simply passing the deck of cards through the incense smoke whilst holding the intention to clear them in your mind is usually sufficient, however, to chant an invocation or say a prayer will be more powerful.

The most important element of any ritual is the intention.

Always wish for the highest good.

You can also hold the deck of cards in your hands and ask the angels to assist you in clearing them of all negative energies and to give a clear and accurate reading for the highest good.

If the cards are not cleared then your reading is less likely to be accurate in my opinion.

Wrapping your cards when not in use in a black cloth or placing them in a specially made tarot bag is a traditional way of keeping them stored once you have cleared them.

I always aim to clear them after every reading.

You can also clear your Tarot and Oracle cards with special crystals.

To clear your crystals or pendulums place under clean running water, there are a few crystals that will dissolve under running water however most can be washed. You can use sea salt or a specially made clearing salt, just pop the crystals into a shallow dish and cover with the salts for approximately 24hours. Many of the items I have mentioned can be purchased at Moondust and Angels including Abalone shells and we also stock a Cobra stand and smudge sticks.

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