Clickaparcel Parcel Delivery Review

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I'd like to tell you about a parcel delivery service I found on eBay that has saved me a lot of time and money on my parcel shipments.  It's called Clickaparcel.

I've dealt directly with many parcel delivery services over the years such as TNT, FedEx and so on.  Despite the fact I was shipping between 10 and 20 parcels per week and had a business account with these companies, they gave me very little discount off their regular full retail prices.  It seems that unless you are shipping hundreds of parcels per week, they just aren't interested in you.

Clickaparcel offers door to door parcel delivery services throughout the UK and much of Europe.  They deal directly with the large shipping companies so their customers, like me, don't have to.  Even better, since they ship such a large volume of parcels every week they are able to obtain substantial discounts which they pass on to their customers. 

Depending on where you are shipping to, Clickaparcel offers several different options for parcel delivery.  They also give you a choice of collection dates and delivery times.

I found the Clickaparcel site really easy to use.  Within seconds I can get a quote on my parcel.  Should I decide to ship it, it takes just a couple of minutes to schedule a collection.  Best of all, if you set up an account you get an additional 5% off your shipping costs, no minimum shipment required.  It took me less than five minutes to set up my account.

I've been using Clickaparcel for the last few months and on average I am saving £1 per parcel on shipments within the UK.  For my European shipments I usually save between £3 and £5 per parcel.  Sometimes more.

I've found the customer service team at Clickaparcel to be very easy to worth with.  They are friendly and quick to respond to questions.  On the rare occasion something goes wrong with a shipment, they get right on it, contacting the shipper and doing everything they can to rectify the situation.  They are determined to provide the best possible customer service and it shows.

One very minor drawback to Clickaparcel is that they don't yet ship worldwide, nor can you have parcels collected from countries outside the UK.  Not to worry, their customer service team assures me that worldwide shipping will be going live later this month.  All I can say is that I'm looking forward to saving even more money on my parcel shipping.

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