Cloth nappies, they're really easy to use.

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I have used Motherease one size nappies for both my daugthers and can highly recommend them. They are a one-size system that fir from birth to potty. My younger daugther has just turned two, so will be coming out of them soon. The nappies are used with an outer water proof cover (wrap) I used Motherease wraps, The nappies and wraps do up with poppers, so no painful pins!! You can also buy snap in liners to add absorbancey if you have a heavy wetter. A flushable liner is inserted on the nappy and this can be flushed away with any sold waste. I dry store my nappies in a lidded bucket, which I clean out with tea tree oil while the nappies are washing.

My girls have never had a nappy rash caused by cloth nappies, so I can recommend them on behalf of the girls, too!

The wraps can be washed at 40 degrees, and the nappies are generally washed ay 60 degress, but I do them higher once a month to give them a thorough clean.

They really are easy to use and good for the envirnoment, if I can do it, anyone can!!

Hope this has helped someone!

Jenny :-)

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