Collect plus/yodel-do not use!!!!!!!!

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As a warning to sellers,Collect Plus allegedly delivered one of my items to a customer,a week later and theres no sign of it,turns out it was delivered to a totally different address and left in an outbuilding,after numerous calls theres still no news!
The post office may be more expensive but they don't dump items at wrong addresses!
I wouldn't recommend them after these problems,their call centre staff seem ok but its using Yodel that lets them down.
If in doubt specify other courier to charge a reasonable amount for shipping.Collect plus 'lost' one of my deliveries a while ago,it turned out to be delivered to a house 4 houses away and no card left.
I don't think either me or the buyer will be out of pocket financially but it is very annoying that through Yodels incompetance we have ended up with this problem.
padding this out now to get up to 200 words as it won't publish it till then despite me having put all the info required! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
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