Collecting 2D / 3D fighting games

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Quick reason as to why I wrote this, basically I have always been into these type of games, and I thought I would try and share my knowledge with those interested. I've also been involved with updating the wikipedia  versus fighting list and have poured over eBay every week looking for cheap fighters. So here is a quick guide...

1. Decide what kind of game you want to play. Are you new to the genre? Then you might want to check out the more 'traditional' and well represented game franchises, Street Fighter, Tekken Dead or Alive etc. If your already interested but fancy a change look for King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown (Shodown), Guilty Gear and Virtua Fighter. Or if you are looking for something really different try and find the more obscure (but usualy inexpensive) titles. Namely these are Art of Fighting, Darkstalkers, Fighters Megamix etc.

2. Decide on a console / version. If you own the console you want to play the fighter on, great! Generally anything released for the Playstation 2 / XBOX era will be a pretty good conversion. However if you want to go further back through the gaming generations there are pitfalls to be aware of. Firstly, some titles are simply better on other consoles, Street Fighter 2 was excellent on the SNES, but the gameboy version is a different matter entirely. Sega Saturn titles are generally well made and use the systems 2D capabilities very well, but the playstation was home to some awful 2D fighters early in its life. The same can be said for 3D fighters, but the opposite is true, Playstation 3D fighters are generaly better than Saturn ones. So in short, if you can afford the best, buy the best, and do research on gaming websites before commiting to buy.

3. Decide on a price limit. This is by far the hardest thing I had to learn when I began seriously collecting. One personal example I can give is such; I wanted to play Street Fighter 3 desperately. I tried emulation (a grey area at the best of times) but this was not possible. There was a version coming out for Playstation 2 but only in the USA. My only option was to, wait for it, buy a Sega Dreamcast and memory card and a disc to make the console region free, AND an import copy of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. After getting all of this I decided it was unplayable with the Dreamcast pad, and bought the official arcade stick. After deciding that this wasn't good either, I bought an ultra rare 6 button pad from Japan made by ASCII. It total, to play the one game, I spent almost £75.

    So to sum up, figiure out what kind of game you want, do the research on it, buy the best, but decide on a money limit beforehand.

Finally, a list of great fighting games you should play

Street Fighter 2 (any version past and including SNES / Megadrive etc)
Street Fighter Alpha (any version)
Street Fighter 3
Guilty Gear (X or later)
King of Fighters (95 or later)
Last Blade
Marvel VS Capcom
Capcom VS SNK
Art of Fighting
Samurai Shodown
X-Men VS Street Fighter
Marvel Superheroes
Tekken series (5 includes 1,2, and 3)
Virtua Fighter
Dead or Alive
Soul Calibur
Fatal Fury

Thanks for your interest
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