Collecting Mrs Beeton's Books

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The most famous of Mrs Isabella Beeton's book is the Book of Household Management first published in 1861, but there have been many updates to this book so it is best to check. I hoped to include a number of books which published during her lifetime apart from Household Management, but the nearest one I could find was:

Beeton's Book of Needlework 1870

...which was still published after her death. Most of the books with the name Mrs Beeton on them were published after her death, some of them using information from the Book of Household Management. Of course the newer books will contain photographs and may try to more relevant to contemporary audiences-this includes having more contemporary recipes. A Beeton's book of the 1970s would contain things like black forest gateaux and prawn cocktails for instance.

A biography of Mrs Beeton "The Long Life and Short Times of Mrs Beeton" was published in 2006.

There was a series of 2006 books listing her various recipes and hints entitled "The Best of Mrs Beeton"


Mrs Beeton's Easy Everyday Cooking

Mrs Beeton's Household Tips

Mrs Beeton's Cakes and Baking

Mrs Beeton's Puddings and Desserts


One further note-if a book says the "Original First Edition" on the front cover, chances are is that it's a reprint.

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