Collecting Product Enterprise, Gerry Anderson Diecast.

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  Hello there. One of my growing diecast collections, is of models produced by a company known as Product Enterprise, who specialise in Sci Fi diecast, imparticular, models from the many wonderful Gerry Anderson TV series. The company has recently changed it's name to Iconic Replica's, and from the latest blurb coming from their website, it looks like the future for them is going to be in the higher prices 'prop' range. These models are huge, up to three foot long, and have an equally large price tag, from £300 upwards.Many of the earlier £30 range will by the looks of it be discontinued, but they are great models worth collecting now even if just as a possible future investment. some are scarce but many are still to be found, mainly available on sites such as eBay. The models include Stingray, Fireball XL5, Supercar, Eagles from Space 1999, Spectrum SPV and models from UFO.

 A Brief History of Product Enterprise.

Product Enterprise began in 1998, when the new TV series Dr Who was still several years away from our screens, and merchandising for the classic series was struggling to maintain sales with the BBC's old favourite. Although things were not good, Product Enterprise bought the rights with a view to produce a newer scale Dalek.

Rolykins TV and film Daleks were an immediate sucess, and the company went on to produce talking, radio contril and infa-red versions. Soon to follow would be the main selection of models of classic British Sci Fi, from series produced by Gerry Anderson, and a larger scale 'prop' series, including Thunderbirds FAB 1 Pink Rolls Royce, and the Space 1999 Eagle Transporter. A fuller range of Dr Who merchandise is now available, and a series of Carry On figurines.

 The company has recently rebranded itself as Iconic Replicas, and it's website is currently showing an interesting range of Thunderbird models, as well as the new Irwin Allen range, models including Spindrift from Land Of The Giants, Seaview & Flying Sub from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, and a new Attack Eagle from the aformentioned Space 1999.

Top Model Quality.

  These models (standard ones, as well as the larger props) are very well put together. They are diecast not plastic, and are a larger than average scale, the Eagles are easily twice the size of the Dinky versions. They are beautifully detailed, and finished with airbrushed weathering, that gives them a 'just of the filmset' look, and come in great sixyies styled boxes. If you are interested in collecting Sci Fi, I would recommend them. They are not widely advertised, and I have not seen them in the regular model magazines, they do appear in Forbidden Planet shops though in the high street, and some on line shops, and of course eBay.

 I am looking forward to adding some of the Irwin allen range to my collection of Eagles and other British Sci-Fi  Product Enterprise range. I'll update this page as often as possible for any other collectors out there. Please vote if you found it of use, it's always handy to know if a guide is doing it's job.

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