Collection in Person - Reasons not to.

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Collection in Person

Which seems quite a reasonable proposition doesn't it? Some items might be simply too heavy to reasonably ship, or the shipping cost may be disproportionate to the cost of the item. A good example was a printer I sold some weeks ago, winning bid was about £80 and that's where I expected it to be, but its big and heavy and shipping would have been £42 on a pallet. What buyer would want to pay that? So I set that auction at Collection in Person, which is a valid option and seems to be within ebay rules. The buyer showed up a few days later and took away his printer. 

What happens however in the case where a buyer doesn't bother to collect? How long should you keep an item? and what happens if they raise a case against you for non-receipt??? - Yep, I'll say that one again, raise a case against you for non-receipt of a collection only item

I sold an item, a mud guard, for only a few quid and it was collection only (clearly stated in the item), as was cash on collection. The buyer decided to pay via paypal and then claimed to be going on holiday. I didn't mind, had the money, just waited for collection, and waited, and waited and then 'a claim against me'... for 'non-receipt'. Just perfect - and brings me to one of those ebay truths; for every ten genuine people on ebay, there's always one muppet. 

The information I'm being given from ebay is that the buyer will automatically win any case against you for 'non-receipt' unless you can provide tracking information, which is of course impossible for an item which hasn't been and won't be shipped. Its also become very clear that no real person at ebay actually reads claims in the resolution centre when escalated. Its just an automated decision. If you appeal it - and automated reply upholding the decision. Not what I had expected, and certainly something I will bear in mind in future. 

So beware, selling items as collection only could wind up leaving you with no money, a case against you and being stuck with the item. I personally won't be listing any more collection only items and instead will be using pre-loved or gumtree to sell stuff that falls into that category. because it makes more sense. I'll still use ebay for stuff that I will ship via courier because that's ok and with POD I should be ok. 
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