Colour Bullet Camera Sharp Sensor Helmet Bike CCTV T05

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Bought this small Lip-Stick/Bullet Camera to try as an experiment. What I was trying to do was film from a moving Motor bike,firstly for training purposes,(I'm a bike instructor) and also to be able to film some of a european trip we are planing later in the year.

I fashioned a bracket and fitted this tiny,and light camera to the front edge of my fairing.It was powered by a bank of 8 x AA batteries,and using a JVC camcorder,(with AV-IN socket) the whole thing was then fitted into the tank bag.

The day we tried it was one of the worst conditions we have seen for a long time.The driving rain,and 25 m.p.h.+ winds didnt make for good filming.The sky was very dark and grey. The spray on the M/way was....well you've been there.

When we returned home and reviewed the footage we where VERY suprised indeed. After nearly 6 hrs of driving rain and wind the little camera had coped with ease.It copes with the change in light conditions,(like going under a bridge) almost instantly.The vibration of the bike didn't upset it at all,it kept in perfect focus all the time,so much so that even at m/way speeds you can read the wording on trucks etc passed. The water didnt bother it either.At anything over about 20m.p.h. any drops of water that do land on it are very quickly blown off.The clarity of the picture was to say the least MORE than I expected from such a tiny camera.

My personal view....10 out of 10. Splendid bit of kit that will more than please you if your thinking of a similar sort of project.

Cheers Neil FJ1200 

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