Colour Match - The Do's and Dont's

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Hello to all

One of the main concerns when people are painting something is about the colour!

Whether it be your car, tank, pool, floor or other project - you will have a colour in mind. You may want to refresh existing colour, or go for a complete change.

Either way, you need to choose correctly.

This is where we will do our upmost to help. 

One thing we cannot do for you is choose the colour - that's down to you. But we will guide you where we can.

One of the most dangerous pitfalls is choosing a colour on your computer. Unless you have a perfectly calibrated screen (which can cost a lot of money) and the person presenting the colours also has a perfectly calibrated machine - paint colours will almost always differ from what you see on your computer/phone/tablet.

We provide colour charts to use as a guide. I could literally walk from my house to someone else's 2 minutes down the road and the colour charts would display differently. The idea with a colour chart is that you use it as a guide.

Colour charts are very good if viewed in person. We keep some here for internal use so that when we get visitors to our trade counter, they can view the colours and literally pick one out. 

But if you cant get into our shop, if you are one of our mail order customers from around the UK (we have lots) then what can you do?

Depending on the application we can mix to all BS and RAL colour codes. These are codes that are used within the paint industry on a daily basis. If you know the code, we can mix it.

Another option is to Spectrograph! What's that you ask? 

We have a special machine that defracts light through your paint sample and produces an exceptional match. So if you have a particular colour you want to match you can send in a sample and we will match it for you. Some practical restrictions apply - size and clarity of the sample are important. But that's why we welcome calls - we can give you technical advice at every step.

Most paint distributors should have professional equipment like ours for mixing paint - so IN THEORY you should be able to go to 2 different places, quote a RAL or BS code, and get the same colour. As will all paints even from the large "sheds", there may be batch differences in shade - but these should be slight.

The problem is, how do you know that their machines are doing it correctly? We had a customer this week who had purchased paint from us and another supplier, in the same code, but ended up with 2 different colours! Unfortunately due to being local to him, he had ordered from another seller and didn't get the quality he was used to.

This could be down to the equipment the paint distributor is using. 

We have invested thousands of pounds in the equipment we use. Computerised tinting machines that are calibrated and serviced regularly ensure the right colour every time. Our software holds literally thousands of colours across all our products.

That's how serious we are about our products. 

So, in conclusion, if you are unsure - talk to us. You can have the confidence that you are talking to a company not only with the expertise but also with the equipment to back that up. 

We hope to talk to you soon

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