Combat Hex LOTR TMG Lord of the Rings

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Combat Hex LOTR TMG Lord of the Rings
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The Lord of the Rings Combat Hex Tradeable Miniatures Game by Sabertooth Games, is a battle strategy game using maps, dice and richly detailed premium quality plastic figures, based on the well known characters created by JRR Tolkien.  The average miniature is approximately 40mm high, although some, such as the hobbits are a little smaller and others such as mounted riders are a little taller. There are also a few large figures which range from 70mm to 210mm high.



For new players buy a 'Starter Set' and see if the game appeals to you. After you have mastered the rules and can exploit a game characters' special abilities, you are rewarded with a highly playable game for two players, which can typically last from ten minutes to three hours depending on the size of your chosen battle force. The age required to play is 13 years, in practice children a few years younger than this can learn the game easily. However children as young as 5 years will play for hours with a small army of figures.

  Starter Set



The complete range of models is comprehensive and includes many iconic figures from the films, some of which are mounted on a horse or a warg. There are a few large figures which tower above the average sized miniature. Every model except the Premium Line range is marked with a rarity symbol on its base, this classifies the figure as common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare or promo. However, in reality some figures are extremely rare and are highly sought after.

A tiny selection of the many figures available:


         Gandalf the Grey                                 Frodo                                        Gollum                                            Warg Rider


Product Range

If you take to the game and succumb to its lure like the famous 'Ring' then search and collect more figures. To expand your battle forces buy figures individually or in lots. Booster packs, premium line boxed figures, maps and a collectors dice set are also available.

Booster Packs:

Base Set contains 1 figure.
The Paths of the Dead contains 1 figure.
Base Set contains 4 figures.
The Fellowship of the Ring contains 4 figures.
The Two Towers contains 3 figures.
The Return of the King contains 3 figures.


Premium Line Boxed Figure Sets:

Cave Troll.
Fell Beast (Nazgul & Witch-king variants).
Mordor Troll (Standard & Berzerker variants).


Rare Figures

There are some very rare variants to look out for such as, all The Return of the King and most Promo figures, also the Fell Beast (Witch-king) available as 1 in every 4 Fell Beasts and Mordor Troll (Berzerker) available as 1 in every 6 Mordor Trolls.

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