Combined postage.

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Hi to all,

Just something that we thought we should share with the World of ebay, when buying items please allow the seller to combine postage. We had a stroppy email this week asking why we had not combined postage, well the person in question purchased three items, after each item purchased they were paid for, i.e it was impossible to combine them.

Something the buyer should know is, It costs the seller MORE in fees when the items are paid for individually.

Let me explain, should you purchase 1 sheet of labels our Paypal fee would be £0.24p, should you purchase 2 sheets and pay for them separately it would cost us £0.48p, however if you allow the seller to combine it, our charge would be £0.27p. What we are trying to say here is that, it can be annoying when the buyer thinks we are making money from not combining postage, nothing can be further from the truth, we simply can't be on our PCs 24 hours a day therefore unable to combine all purchases. We feel sure that any seller reading this would appreciate what we are trying to say here, but really hope that any future buyer's will understand this, regardless who they purchase from.

 x Kindest regards x


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