Come and Join Us and Change The way You Shave Forever!

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Try The MensgRoom Shave Challenge and Change The way You Shave Forever!

No More Pain, No More Ugly Rashes and No More Bumps!

We have shaved over 450 men from all over the UK in 2006 at variuos shows and we have converted 99.9% of these men who took our Shave Challenge.


                                                                            MensgRoom Shave School Salon

We carried out a short questionnaire before the treatment commenced and this gave us specific information about their shave regime and routine which meant we could apply our shaving techniques to each individual skin type.

We at MensgRoom believe the best way to a perfect shave is all about preparation, the ideal way to start is to have a shower to open up the pores of the skin this will enable a much closer shave, if you don't have time for a shower then dunk a towel into hot water and apply to the face for approx 1minute, this will work just as good.

At the show in our demonstration's we started the shave preparation by using a face scrub, California North Gelskin Scrub, this will exfoliate the dead skin cells but more importantly remove or release ingrown hairs, this is one of the major causes of shave rash and shave bumps, the scrub will help straighten the hair and this will enable the razor to cut it's full length without it growing back into the skin.

We then decided for each individual customer what lubricant to use and this is very important because if you get it wrong then you suffer the razor burn and rash afterwards and this makes shaving painful and a chore which it shouldn't be.

For example we had a guy who had very leathery and dry skin and because he wasn't using the right tools (the razor was pulling) and lubricants he suffered badly with razor burns and rashes especially under the very sensitive area of the neck so we mixed lubricants; we first applied Somerset's Sensitive Oil or King of Shaves oil and massaged that into the face for about 30 seconds and then used California North Shave Crème which gave us extra glide and the result meant there was no pulling of the skin so he wasn't finding it painful from the blade.

We also found that by using this technique it was a much closer and smoother shave (less visible bristle) with no razor rash or bumps to be seen, if there were a few bumps then we applied the amazing PFB Vanish designed for Ingrown Hairs, Shave Bumps and Rashes, it irradiates them within minutes.

We finally finished off the shave treatment by applying California North Action Moisturiser, which has an amazing invigorating cool fresh feeling that lasts for about 5 minutes and keeps your skin smooth and supple all day.

The results from all these shaves were incredible and we sold out of the California North products on the very first day!!

We at MensgRoom believe 100% in our shaving techniques and would recommend you trying it for 2 weeks together with the products we used at the show and you will be amazed by the results.

No more pain, no more ugly rashes and no more bumps!

Mark Sproston
Founder of MensgRoom

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