Common Guitar Neck Pocket (and Heel) Dimensions

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So, you've decided to build your own guitar?  Or just replace the body/neck on your current guitar and want to make sure that what you're buying will suit the rest of your project?

This is just a very quick-reference guide to standard Fender neck pocket dimensions.  Although around 95% of the world's guitar builders adhere to these dimensions, it is always well worth asking the buyer of the item you are interested in to send you exact measurements of the item and compare it to what you already have, just to be sure.


Stratocaster Neck Pockets

Stratocaster neck pockets have a rounded bottom to the route and should adhere to the dimensions shown in the diagram above.


Telecaster Neck Pockets

Incomparison to Stratocaster neck pockets, Telecasters have the same dimensions but the bottom of the neck pocket is flat/squared offwith radiused corners.


It should be noted that although we sell guitar parts ourselves (we are a custom guitar workshop), eBay automatically puts what it feels are 'relevant' listings beside these reviews, not necessarily our own.

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