Common Mistakes When Setting up a Sony TV or DVD

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Here are just afew simple hints on why your  Sony Products might not be functioning 100%. We have tried to cover PS3, DVD, Television, Home Cinema, HDD DVD recording in addition to more general faults with picture and sound quality. Here at Big AV we appreciate how frustrating instruction manuals can be because they give you tips on that particular product but don't give you much help when connecting numerous products together. We can provide technical advice and inform you into buying products which work together, buy from Big AV and you won't get caught out with equipment which just won't work together.

You have a Sony DVD Recorder and wish to record freeview from your Sony Wega/Bravia Television -
Most Sony Tv's have a setting in the menu called AV2 output, you should have this set to either digital (will send out the picture from whichever digital channel is selected) or auto (will send out the picture of whatever is on the screen). You should then connect a good quality (2 way)  scart cable from AV2 on the TV to line 3 on your DVD recorder. Change your DVD recorder channel to L3 and it should record. If you are still having problems go into settings on your DVD recorder and change the scart setting, make sure the 'line 3 input' column is set to Video/RGB and not decoder.

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You have a Sony Wega/Bravia television and A Surround Sound Kit (Home Cinema Kit) and are unable to receive TV sound through your Surround Sound Kit (Home Cinema Kit)

Firstly you should always use a  good quality phono (rca) cable to connect the two together. Unless you have an X or D series bravia television in which case you should use an  optical (toslink) cable . If your surround sound kit does not have a phono input or an optical input you can use a  good quality 2 way scart in the same way as the method above.

Some Sony televisions require you go into the main menu, to audio settings and into the speaker settings. You may need to turn the TV speakers to the 'off' or 'mute' before the surround sound speakers will receive a signal.

When using a scart cable, it is essential it is two way as all good quality scart cables are. It should go from AV2 on the TV and into the scart on your home cinema. The AV2 output setting on your TV needs to be on 'auto', this way whatever is on your screen will come out of the surround sound kit. The surround sound kit should be on the 'TV' function.

An optical cable should work immediately with no problems provided the correct function is selected on the surround sound.

Some  surround sound kits must have the basic installation run when you first set them up before they will output any sound.

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You cannot get a picture with your PS3 and Sony Bravia using a HDMI cable-

If your Sony Bravia is not a 1080p model you may need to use a scart cable initially in order to bring up the main menu, then select video settings and set the PS3 to either 1080i or 720p. Setup again with the  HDMI cable and you should have no problem.

The following Sony Bravia Models are not 1080p -
Any model 32" or smaller in size
KDL-40S2010/2030 - KDL-40U2000 - KDL40P2530 - KDL-40S2510/2530 - KDLV40A12 - KDLS40A12- KDL-W40A12 - KDL-40V2000/2500 - KDL-40D3000 - KDL40S3000/3020 - KDL-46S2010/2030 -  KDL-46S2510/2530 (ONLY £849.99 WHILST STOCKS LAST!!!) - KDL-46V2000/2500.

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