CompactFlash & Microdrive problems... Not initialised

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Ever had the dreaded "not initialised" message on your card?

Some time ago I had the dreaded "not initialised" message show up when switching on my camera. It was a fairly new card so I assumed there was some sort of fault with the card. Not wanting to throw it away I held on to it and bought a new one as a replacement... This one performed faultlessly for some weeks until, yep you guessed it "not initialised" appeared again.. Out of frustration I checked both cards on the pc to see if I could at least read them. No problems there so I decided to format both cards and have another go... Tried them in the camera and "not initialised" again... at this point I was about to give up and buy another card when I read an article on the internet about others having the same problem..

So whats the answer?

I found out that if you place the card back in the camera and go to "view images" you should find a command for format. Go for it and reformat the card then turn the camera off and on again when finished... hey presto.. card works ok!

I have no idea why formatting on the PC doesn't work yet formatting via the camera does.. Maybe someone can tell me?

Anyway, hope this helps anyone out there who has the same frustrating problem and didn't know the answer...

Happy snapping and good luck bidding.


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