Compaq Armada E500 CMOS Battery Location Replacement

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We are asked on occation where the location of cmos batteries are kept in respect to internal integration. While having serviced various brands and models some models are with ease while others do require professional skilled technicians on the know. This guide serves the purpose of cmos backup battery location for Compaq Armada E500 notebooks. We advice that people will entrust their notebooks with skilled technicians, though understand that in some cases that might not be feasible possible.

Step # 1 Remove the keyboard in the same fashion as if you need to access the memory dimm banks. Remove the Keyboard by releasing the latches or locks on the keyboard that keep the keyboard fasten to the notebook.

Step #2 Locate and remove the two screws found on the backside spline or hinge cover. The two screws that fasten the hinge cover are located on the back side of the Compaq Armada E500 where the port replicator, external HD15 video port, Serial port and parallel port are located. The photo supplied below is one of two identical screws that must be removed in order to remove the small hinge cover as well as the Power LED display Cover that encompasses the Left hand side hinge cover.

Step # 3 After removing both hinge cover screws, lift the right hinge cover (small cover not the LED Power Cover with built in Hinge cover). Doing so, will allow you to lift the LED Power Display Cover, applying pressure and then to remove the LED Power Display Cover as shown.

Step # 4 Once the LED Power Display cover has been removed you will find the LCD Inverter in the middle adjacent to the LCD display. Located on it's left hand side you can see the small connector that pertains to the Cmos Battery. Follow the leads and note the Cmos battery. The Original E500 cmos will be Orange in color as that is a Sanyo CR2016 Lithium Coin Cell with wires attached to it. Reference the subsequent photo:

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